S2S presentation

Attached is the powerpoint my group and I will be presenting during the S2S conference. For this assignment, we were assigned to make a presentation to educate high school students on money. Which includes financial aid, scholarships, work studies and budgeting. Providing them with this insight will give them a better start when entering college. We hope that the students enjoy our presentation.

Exploring WebQuest

For a class assignment, we were assigned to design a web quest on various different topics that interest us. The Webquest is designed for second grade students. The topic I chose was tsunami’s because I feel that the topic is rarely discussed in school and such natural disasters should be more discussed. As a class we all presented our different topics and shared the different ways we incorporated such diverse topics in worksheets using links to go along. I learned a lot from my classmates web quests. It was definitely an interesting experiment.

Science Play Activity

In class we were all assigned different science categories to teach the class. My topic was potential energy. At first I had no idea what that was, but after doing some research. I was able to obtain information and understand the topic. My partner and I created a poster that displayed information on the topic and different experiments. There were three experiments, our first experiment was showing the class how the potential energy of an object can be changed by simply raising an object. Our second experiment was displaying the effect of chemical reaction by placing pop rocks in a balloon over a bottle of coke and watching the balloon blow up. Lastly we did the famous mentos in a bottle of coke to end the class with an explosion. One of the topics that really caught my attention was the elliptical illusion. Our classmates displayed different photos that played games with your mind. For instance, there was a photo that looked as if it was moving. And my all time favorite of course is the picture of the  black/blue or gold/white dress controversy. Overall, This activity was very educational, yet fun which was a win, win for us all.